Alissa Mathiasmeier

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Meet Alissa

Alissa is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. She has created design assets and illustrations for companies such as Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, AZTEC Engineering, Very Vivid Innovations, Kinetic Muscles, Little Red Goblin Games, and Iron Wind Studios.
She spends as much time as possible painting, creating random t-shirt designs, and digital illustrations. She loves tea and has inner conflicts about stealing every dog she sees.


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Sublime Text 2 & 3, ConTEXT, Sketchbook Pro, MS Office Suite.


Graphic Design, UI Design, Layout Design, Logo Design, Vector Illustration, Digital Painting, Photo Editing HTML, CSS, Traditional Art.


Watercolor Painting, Video Games, Baking, Computers, Reading, Music, Crafting, Traveling, Dogs, Fancy Teas and Dirty Chai Lattes.

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